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Authentic Connection By Joey Hodlmair

You were meant for authentic connection. Not connection through a screen.

Now hear me out—I believe in connection via a screen, a phone call, etc. But I also believe that we are missing out on powerful connections with those that are right next to us, all in the name of being seen.

For those that know me, you may be thinking, but you use social media. Yes, I sure do, but I have strict boundaries and when I break them, I feel it.

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, not content, worrying that you have to post first before someone else shares the same idea? Do you feel the need to be responding right away to messages, easily triggered by loved ones, depressed, unfulfilled…?

The list goes on and on, but if any of these resonate, chances are the way you are connected, isn’t serving you or anyone else.

Can I share something with you?

You do not need to be on social media 24/7 or even a third of the time in order to connect and serve.

In fact, the time you spend on social media should be minimal, but impactful.

We connect with others through the stories we share, not the amount of time we spend in a space. I think one of the most important things I have learned in the world of social media is I can’t sell myself, but my story will open up the doors I am meant to walk through.

If you are doing all the things to connect, but feeling disconnected, take time to look at what your ultimate goal is. Are you wanting to go viral? You will walk away empty every time. If it is to gain new followers or clients, it is time to shift your mindset.

Connection begins when we share our journey without strings attached. When we share without seeking.


Joey Hodlmair is a teacher, lifelong learner, mother, wife, empath lover, barefoot in nature & grow your own food advocate. She is a freelance writer, encouraging families to seek simplicity and find the extraordinary in the ordinary from the outdoors to the simple home. You can connect with her at
www.joeyhodlmair.com or @destinationmommy on IG.

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