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Best 5 Books for Creatives

Here at Starfish Stories, we are passionate about women connecting with and sharing their authentic stories with the world, and making sure you have the tools to do so.

And so, we’ve created our shortlist of books that we love and turn to for nourishment of our creative sides (just keep scrolling): Books we know will be a blessing to you, if that’s what you need more of, then just keep scrolling 🙂 



The Artist's way



1. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

This may be a no-brainer to anyone who has been following us for a while. I first read the Artist’s Way in 2021 and it was the catalyst for so much profound and beautiful change and healing in my life. The book is 30 years old and has a long, beautiful legacy of transformation for millions of creatives all over the world. 




The Creative Act

 2. The Creative Act: A Way of Being – Rick Rubin

A very dear friend introduced me to this one and it’s been blowing my mind ever since. It’s one of those books that you need to go through slowly because every sentence is just so profound. I find myself reading (or listening in the case of the audiobook), pausing, thinking, and then going back for more. It’s a truly beautiful book!



Steal like an artist

 3. Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon 

A couple of years ago, I attended a city-wide gathering of creatives and artists and nearly every single one of them recommended this book to me. They weren’t wrong! 







Feel something, make something 
4. Feel Something, Make Something – Caitlin Metz

I found Caitlin’s work just after moving to South Florida 8 months ago. I was unravelling: overwhelmed and headed straight to burnout. I was losing touch with my self, and my emotions and had all but abandoned my creative practices. Feel Something helped me reconnect with my body, my emotions, and my art – and it gave me the nudge I needed to start sharing it. 


Write for Life 5. Write for Life – Julia Cameron

Can you tell we love Julia Cameron? Julia has written one book every single year since the release of The Artist’s Way, and nearly all of them focus on some or other kind of creative recovery or nurturing, so it was hard to pick our favorite but this 6-week course for writers has been life-changing for Meggan and she gushes over how it’s gotten her through her latest novel. If you are a writer, or even an aspiring one – we highly recommend this one!

Find your artistic voice Bonus! Find Your Artistic Voice – Lisa Congdon

I have been following Lisa’s work for a few years now and love her quirky and colorful illustration style, as well as how her career has evolved over time. I also love how universal the principles of creativity are, and how much you can learn from artists who work in mediums different to your own. 





Now it’s your turn: What did we leave out? What have you read and loved that didn’t make the list? Hit the comments and leave your recommendations of books all creatives need to read to rediscover and nurture their creative selves 🙂 


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