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Disconnecting in order to connect By Joey Hodlmair

Once upon a time, I thought that in order to connect, I needed to be connected. That in order to thrive I needed to be tied to a device, and the people I served, 24/7. I believed that if I missed the call, wasn’t the first to reply to the email, or volunteer for every function, I was not connected. That I would eventually be replaced and lose my connections.

I was riding a wave to connect with others, yet was completely disconnected from myself.

Quickly, I became burned out. To my surprise, I found myself comparing, watching others, and wondering what I was doing wrong. Why was I working so hard to connect, yet feeling completely disconnected and alone at the end of the day? I wasn’t connected to myself first, and more importantly, I had pushed aside my connection with the most important relationship—my relationship with God. I made excuses for why I didn’t have time for connecting with myself, truth be told, I was afraid to connect with myself, to feel and see myself. It was easier packing voids with doing more, being more. Have you ever found yourself connected, yet completely disconnected? If so you are not alone, in fact, I think so many find themselves in this cycle. I mean we are human and the need to connect begins in the womb. We thrive on connection and connection provides good in so many ways.

Connection isn’t the issue. How we connect is the issue. Are we seeking recognition and the eyes of others? Are we seeking numbers over knowing names and people?

If you are feeling disconnected, let me encourage you to step back from the ways you have connected with others. Let me encourage you to take a social media break and in return talk to yourself and those around you-your family, your children, and friends you can physically hug (not just via an emoji). More often than not, disconnecting is the path to a meaningful and fulfilling connection.


Joey Hodlmair is a teacher, lifelong learner, mother, wife, empath lover, barefoot in nature & grow your own food advocate. She is a freelance writer, encouraging families to seek simplicity and find the extraordinary in the ordinary from the outdoors to the simple home. You can connect with her at
www.joeyhodlmair.com or @destinationmommy on IG.

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