Are you an aspiring author who needs help getting your book into the world?

From writing, editing, publishing, marketing and more — a LOT goes into getting a book into a reader’s hands.

Don’t let those things stop you from getting published. Every story matters and deserves to see the light of day; including yours!

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Does any of this sound

You have a great idea for a book or even a partially finished manuscript, but you just aren’t sure what steps to take in order to get it finished.

Or maybe your manuscript is finished but you aren’t sure what comes next in order to successfully launch it. Between editing, publishing, and marketing you feel lost.

Are you ready to get those roadblocks out of your way so you can celebrate the launch of your book baby into the world?

let's go with yes!

Book a strategy call with Starfish!

Between them, Meggan Larson & Lauren da Silva have personally published over a dozen books in four years, won awards, successfully mentored dozens of women, and have helped hundreds of women become best selling authors.

When you book this 60 minute call, you’ll get to work with both of these powerhouses at once as they tag team and strategize to get you past your roadblock and on your way to accomplishing your writing and publishing goals.

Use this call to get help with any aspect of outlining, writing, publishing, or more. Wherever you’re stuck, they can help!

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Grab a spot in the yearly Starfish Stories Anthology!

Starfish Stories Publishing works with up to twenty-five authors at a time to produce an incredible and inspiring anthology once a year. (All spots are filled for 2024 but the waitlist for 2025 is now open!)

During the anthology process they will work with you one on one whether you are writing your own chapter or having Lauren & Meggan write it for you. By the end of the process you will feel so much confident in your story.

The Impactful Author Mentorship

This exclusive and intensive mentorship is where the magic happens. During your 9-12 month mentorship, the best selling and award winning Starfish Stories Publishing duo will work with you one on one and write your entire book for you. 

Maintaining your voice throughout the book is of the utmost importance which is why you will be kept in the loop at all times and work with the team very closely. From outlining, to having you approve each chapter, to getting the book published with Starfish Stories Publishing, you will be in good hands from start to finish. 

And that’s not all! Your success is our success and this will be a long term partnership. Your book getting published is just the beginning. We will develop an entire post-publishing strategy to keep your book in front of the right readers. 

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It's easy to work with Starfish Stories Publishing!


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