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Squeeze By Lauren da Silva

I was packing the dishwasher earlier today and smiled to myself when I noticed how I felt total peace and contentment at not needing to cram every last dish into the machine before I switched it on. Leaving dishes in the sink, waiting for the next load used to drive me crazy. 

Being ok with mess, messiness, not needing to always get ahead of myself, not always needing to be in control feels like growth and the kind of change I want to continue to nurture. 

Squeeze – Lauren da Silva

I used to try to fit every dirty dish I had

into the dishwasher at once.

Trying to stay on top of things. 

Trying to get ahead.

But you can’t stay on top of dishes 

Or get ahead of them

When they stop coming

You’ve also stopped eating 

And that’s what kitchens are for

Eating. Nourishment. Mess.

You can’t stay on top 

of a sumptuous, nourishing life

Or get ahead of it

You can only stay inside it.

You can live hovering around or above

But never participating in 

The dirt, the joy, the love, the grief.

Dishes won’t ever stop coming 

And you will always need to eat.

Now I leave pots in the sink

And glasses on the counter 

I lick my fingers

And I taste my cake batter.

Peel your potatoes slowly.

Let the earth get under your fingernails.  

There will always be another load.

Lauren xx




 Lauren da Silva has been a mother and entrepreneur for over 10 years and helps other women just like you overcome co-dependency and people-pleasing, and reclaim their power to succeed in life and business. Connect with her at laurendasilva.com or email her at hello@laurendasilva.com

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