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The Story Others Tell By Joey Hodlmair

Once upon a time I was consumed with the story others told about me.
This led to lots of anxiety, wasted time, and more.
I spent way too much time fitting in, just to be seen.
I thought I was protecting myself, proving myself, and doing what I needed to be accepted, turns out I was doing the complete opposite.
What I was actually doing was depleting myself in order to avoid being “bad-mouthed” by those that didn’t matter. I ignored all the signs and closed doors and kept focusing on the thoughts of others rather than walking my path.


Working to prove your worth to others, will leave you empty and so far from who you are.

This is why it is so important to remember that your story is your daily walk. It’s you without the show. The you that happens without thinking.
It is not your job to listen to the story others tell about you (unless it is a good one). Just as it is not your job to rewrite the story others tell about you. With that said, you can absolutely rewrite your own story, but it doesn’t mean others will share the honest version.
So how do you step out of caring what others think or say about you?
You focus on the story you want to leave behind. Honestly, it’s not that easy, but it begins within your heart and soul. Start there.
Sidenote: Are the opinions of others ever important? I believe they are, but be mindful of the opinions you allow into your life. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with.


Joey Hodlmair is a teacher, lifelong learner, mother, wife, empath lover, barefoot in nature & grow your own food advocate. She is a freelance writer, encouraging families to seek simplicity and find the extraordinary in the ordinary from the outdoors to the simple home. You can connect with her at
www.joeyhodlmair.com or @destinationmommy on IG.

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