Would you like to learn how to unearth the hidden wisdom & meaning in your dreams?

Getting started on the journey of learning to recognize and decode the deep wisdom and meaning layers in your dreams can feel daunting. 

Knowing you want to wade deeper but take it slow can make it difficult to know who to trust on this exciting journey.  

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, or intimidating. It can be soulful and grounded, without feeling too ‘out there’ or ‘woo-woo’. It can also be something you easily integrate into your existing faith and faith practices without compromising your integrity or your deepest-held beliefs.

So many women are waking up to the incredible connection they can have with their truest, inner selves, their creative Source, and their own intuition through learning to work through and interpret their own dreams.

You can too, by joining Starfish Stories’ Soul Studio’s first-ever Dreaming 101 online class.

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Does any of this sound

You know your dreams contain important meaning, messages, and wisdom… you just don’t know how to unearth them.

You would love to learn how to interpret your own dreams but you’re worried about getting mixed up in something too weird or, too religious. 

Are you ready to understand the messages in your dreams in a safe, empowering, and grounded environment?

Great! So are we!! 🙂

Join the Dreaming 101 Class!

Starting on March 3, 2024 you can learn the basics of dreams, dreaming, and dream interpretation all from the comfort of your own home. 

This class guides you through simple, reliable, and grounded dreamwork theory and best practices. You will also have the opportunity to apply the theory in guided group dream interpretation sessions with your teacher and a few other students. 

Dreaming 101 is a live, 7 weeks-long, safe, and intimate small-group experience that does not require you to have any particular religious affiliation or prior experience. You don’t even need to be a ‘regular dreamer’. 

PS: This class is limited to 6 students only. 

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Starfish Website Images (3)

Grab a Soul Studio Dream Journal

Wanting to go even slower? Starfish Stories Publishing Soul Studio has created a series of dreamwork journals for anyone who wants to regularly document their dreams, and begin working through them.

The journals contain enough space for you to record 70 different dreams, helpful tips for working through them, and a section you can use to develop your own personalized dream symbol dictionary.

To shop our dream journals, click the button below. 

Work 1:1 with Lauren

Would you like to work through a dream in a private, 1:1 session with Lauren da Silva? 

Lauren has always been deeply intuitive, and a lover of metaphor and symbol (the primary language of dreams). It wasn’t until she started experiencing what she calls big, life-changing dreams in 2022 that she started seeking out training on how to better understand them. 

It was during this learning journey that she met and started working with her current mentor, Ron Masa under whom she is currently studying and apprenticing in the art of dreamwork. 

Your 1:1 session with Lauren will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and more connected to your deepest, most authentic self, your creative expression, and more in tune with your intuition. You will also leave knowing with the tools you need to feel confident in yourself as your own dream-meaning expert… they are YOUR dreams, after all 🙂 

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It's never been easier to start understanding your dreams!


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Experience the peace, self-trust, and deep knowing that understanding your dreams can bring.

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