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When it’s time to go By Lauren da Silva

She stared at me blankly, the exhaustion, grief and disappointment all swirling together and running down her cheeks dried up slowly as the confusion started to take over her face.

“Can you say that again please?”

“Do you have anyone in your life making the case for giving yourself permission to just stop, to pivot, or to reassess if this is really what you want?”

“No…”, she murmured.

“Everyone’s just focused on getting me or helping me to get myself across the finish line.”

She gulped hard.

“The thing is, I am hating every minute of this. What used to be me pushing myself to sit down and work on this thing has turned into me not wanting to get out of bed some days. On days when I don’t have to work on it, I can’t even enjoy resting or my family… it’s always there, lurking in the corner of my mind. To make matters worse, I don’t even know this is something I even want for myself anymore. The life this thing creates for me… I am not convinced it’s a path I even want to be on anymore.”

My friend has been journeying towards a particular finish line for years now. She has invested thousands of dollars, countless hours, and has sacrificed so much. She has poured herself into a journey, that when it started, she felt wholeheartedly was the right path for her.

Until it started to dawn on her that this wasn’t the right path for who she had become, who she was becoming.   

She was giving everything for a reward that no longer glistened as beautifully as it had before.

She had changed so much since she started, perhaps it was the journey itself that had changed her so much.

Friends, it’s ok to be in that place. It’s ok to wake up one day and realize the things you’ve been plugging away at for days, weeks, months or even years isn’t even what you want anymore. It’s also ok to walk away.

We live in a world and have been shaped by a culture that has conditioned us to see only winning and losing, succeeding, or failing. Life isn’t so neat and tidy. Becoming who you were meant to be isn’t that cut and dry.

Sometimes we are called to journeys so that the journey can do its work and then we can retire and choose a new path.

Sometimes the failure is the lesson we need to learn for the success waiting just around the corner.

Sometimes walking away, giving up, changing course, saying goodbye is the courageous act.

I know I have wasted months, if not years clinging to seasons that were going to pass with or without my consent… if you are looking for a reason to let go, for permission to walk away…

When it’s time to go,

Sometimes giving up is the strong thing.

Sometimes to run is the brave thing.

Sometimes walking out is the one thing,

That will find you the right thing.

  • Taylor Swift


Lauren xx



 Lauren da Silva has been a mother and entrepreneur for over 10 years and helps other women just like you overcome co-dependency and people-pleasing, and reclaim their power to succeed in life and business. Connect with her at laurendasilva.com or email her at hello@laurendasilva.com

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  1. Beautifully written, a timely & touching reminder of where many of us were or are. To stop something we were sure we wanted/ needed ‘midstream’, toward completion or even before we launch, takes much wisdom, discernment as well as courage to re-evaluate, re- direct. Thanks for sharing, helping us realize we are not alone in this process.

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