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Wings By Joey Hodlmair

You know the quote about being your own cheerleader? I believe in it, but I also believe in the beauty of allowing ourselves to know it is alright to need someone to cheer you on and believe in you while you find your wings.

I had left the table, the table I longed to sit at. The table I thought would cheer me on as I found my wings. I was broken, flightless and beyond discouraged. I had come to believe that in order to fly, I needed to sit with those that appeared to be leading the way.

What I really needed was heart centered friends that believed in my wings just enough so that I could soar.

I was now in the in-between stage and it was hard. My roots, uprooted and my soul longing to find the garden I was to bloom in. This stage was a muddy, uphill battle. I had days of soaring and days where I barely made it off the ground.

This in-between was painful and I had several lessons to learn. The first, was the hardest,  but the most important, in many ways.

1. Do not fret over the story being told about you by those still sitting at the table you left

You see, I became absorbed with proving who I was to those that had no desire to know my side of the story. I worked hard to prove my heart, to show I wasn’t the bad guy. Guess what- people believe what they want and they will see your heart or choose otherwise,  it’s not your job to pull them either way.

This stage was painful, I was lost, hurt, and confused, but this stage forced me to heal and return to me.

2. Returning to me meant believing in myself

I didn’t need to sit at the elite table in order to soar. My wings weren’t broken, but my self worth was. Returning to myself meant I would be stepping outside of my comfort zone, holding onto the friends that had never left my side and working on me. The me that I wanted to gloss over, shove aside and cover up with the light of others. Working on myself meant a whole lot of feeling and discipline. It meant stepping up to the plate

While the above is not all, it was the turning point. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.


Joey Hodlmair is a teacher, lifelong learner, mother, wife, empath lover, barefoot in nature & grow your own food advocate. She is a freelance writer, encouraging families to seek simplicity and find the extraordinary in the ordinary from the outdoors to the simple home. You can connect with her at
www.joeyhodlmair.com or @destinationmommy on IG.

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