We help heart centered solopreneurs publish their inspiring stories

so they can make a difference in the world one life at a time.

be authentic
share vulnerably
inspire others

Does this sound like you?

You want to make a difference in the world but you aren’t sure how. You would love to turn all the pain you’ve experienced into purpose to help others but there’s no roadmap to get you there.

The confusion of where and how to start is frustrating and may even be weighing you down.

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Here's how we can work together to impact the world!

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just starting out?

Meet with us to map out your book and leave with a solid plan to get it finished.

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already writing?

Submit your book proposal to see if your book would make a great Starfish Story.

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need it done for you?

Work with us to pull your story out and have it written by award winning authors.

Lauren da Silva Meggan Larson
oh, hey there,

We (Lauren da Silva & Meggan Larson) are the faces behind Starfish Stories Publishing!

We met in 2020 and became fast friends. Our friendship has seen us through some of the best and worst moments of our lives and that, plus our passion for empowering women through the art of storytelling made a partnership a no-brainer.

Collectively we have published 10+ Amazon best selling books in two years, have helped over a hundred women publish their stories, and have been featured in several places including Huffpost, Medium, Amazon books, Authority Magazine, Yahoo News, Global News, Startup Waco, Fabled Bookshop and more.

Doing business with us is as easy as one roadblock, one chapter, or one book at a time...

one roadblock

Whether you’re struggling with outlining your book, need to flesh out your ideas, get unblocked, or anything else – book a call with us to get on the right track!

one chapter

Apply for a spot in our annual Starfish Stories Anthology and work with us one on one to flesh out your chapter and dip your toe into the world of writing and publishing.

one book

Apply for a spot in our 12-month mentorship where we will work with you to write & publish your book in a year. By the end of this journey your book will be ready to change the world!

Kind Words from Clients.

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